Buccaneers sign first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves

  • I believe with the 2011 CBA these rookies have no choice but to sign these contracts at these set salaries.
  • For instance, if a 1st rounder has a 4 year deal but is released prior to completing it, without offset language, he would still be paid any guaranteed money left on the deal from the old team as well as any money from a new team when he signs.
  • NFL opposes union’s request for extra time in Brady appeal (97)

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@ProFootballTalk: “Buccaneers sign first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves”

Vernon Hargreaves signed his first contract before his first practice with the Buccaneers. The team announced the 11th overall pick had signed his rookie deal, making him their third draft choice to get a deal done, and continuing the trend of early signings.

Buccaneers sign first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves | ProFootballTalk